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Warehouse Fulfillment Specialist

The Warehouse Fulfillment Specialist’s responsibilities encompass all warehousing activities. This includes material movement between work centers, maintaining proper inventory management, packaging and shipping orders to customers, maintaining receipt and shipment records, and using the company ERP system, Visual.


1. HS diploma or comparable work experience
2. Ability to work independently
3. Detail-oriented with a focus on accuracy
4. Ability to follow written and verbal instructions
5. Strong and accurate computer and math skills
6. Ability to work under pressure


1. Responsible for picking specific inventory and quantities required for shipment, ensuring that the goods are packed properly, with the correct labeling identifying the details of the shipment. Requires strong attention to detail to ensure proper items and quantities are selected and packaging according to demand requirements.
2. Responsible for the picking of work-in-progress (WIP) that is ready for packaging for inventory storage. Ensure that all goods are packaged and stocked in an organized manner to save time and increase ease of work.
3. Coordinate with area supervisor for inventory cycle count requirements, stock movements, stock adjustments, and troubleshooting.
4. Select space and prepare stock for storage, and place materials in designated areas. Maximizes warehouse space by maintaining an efficient storage layout.
5. Visually inspects parts for defects prior to packing for customer delivery, pulling out and replacing defective parts.
6. Interface with various management, customer service specialists, and production workers.
7. Other manufacturing and clerical duties as assigned; which would include, but not limited to, general manufacturing.